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Porsche 356 Registry – East Coast Holiday ’10

The weather was overcast and crisp, anticipation of another feast for the senses was upon us. Provided for your viewing pleasure are a few TUB images taken during this early fall gathering of the faithful. If you find that you see someone in these photos who seems decisively familiar, thank you for providing your image as photo scale enhancements to these wonderful automobiles. No one will necessarily realize your were there, until this camera’s witness to your presence captured you here for posterity.

These memories of how it was are not sequenced to impress the viewer, rather, they are just as I remember it all as I wondered among the faithful. Thank you to all who unwittingly lent the image of their alter egos to this fabulous testimony to those who would never say die to their dream machines.

Porsche 356 Registry – Gulf Coast Holiday ’05


The photos shown here are from the Porsche 356 Registry Gulf Coast Holiday 2005, Boerne, TX.

All photos presented are for the continued enjoyment of everyone associated with the Porsche 356 Registry,

including those with a casual interest in the preservation of this unique automobile.

Our thanks to everyone who participated in this gathering of the faithful. Enjoy!

Staging for the Peoples Choice Concourse.  Five rows representing pre-A’s, A’s, B’s, C’s,

and modified or Outlaws were assembled.  The C’s were by far the largest category represented.

Not all participants in the holiday elected to display their TUBs.

This was a feast for our Hill Country eyes and ears to behold.


Although all are not clearly visible in these photos, this is an assembly of the Peoples Choice Award,

representing the coupe and convertible from each era.



Bill Jones’ Carrera, center stage in the peoples choice assembly.



There was alot of everything, coups and rag tops.

This participant really made the rounds, wonder how many of our photos were taken with him admiring the hardware.


Can you tell that there is a difference in these two silver coupes?


From these photos, whose rear finder has been widened 1.5” just below the taillight,

then tapered to 0” at the back of the door jamb–the one on the left, or the right?

Notice the finder skirt to tire coverage ratio clearly identified in the photos.




Everywhere one looked, the views were priceless. Its in the details,

you’ll always find it in the details.

Celebrating the early years of the Porsche Mark.